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Some medieval sources
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There are medieval textile artifacts in the Kelsey Museum online exhibit with prints, borders, and colors like those in many of our textiles.

One of my favorite sources for motifs, colors, and technology used in medieval Indian fabrics is From Riches to Rags: Indian Block-Printed Textiles Traded to Egypt, the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology's online exhibit of 13th- to 17th-century Indian cotton trade textiles found in Egyptian sites, and the catalog from the original exhibit, Indian Block-Printed Cotton Fragments in the Kelsey Museum, The University of Michigan, by Dr. Ruth Barnes of the Ashmolean Museum.

The book, published by the University of Michigan Press, is sometimes available from used-book sellers.

Some artifacts that share design elements with our dupattas include: Zig-Zag and Flowers (Accession No. 94139, Catalogue No. 51)
Leaves and Trees in Pots (Accession No. 22700, Catalogue No. 48)
Vines and Flowers (Accession No. 22702, Catalogue No. 50)
Vines, Flowers, and Teardrops (Accession No. 94120, Catalogue No. 45)

The "palmette" motif (Accession No. 94114, Catalogue No. 25), with its familar offset repeat, is also one I see reflected in a variety of the textiles still being printed today.

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