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Yes! You can wash them!

If you plan to launder your finished garment, you should always wash and dry the fabric before cutting in the same way you will care for it once it's made up.

The India cottons and dupattas are 100% cotton printed in India. They are machine washable and dryable on warm, but there will be some slight fading, especially on the initial washing. For those prints with ivory or tan backgrounds, this may be desirable, as it results in brighter pattern colors and lighter grounds. In the 18th century, Indian cotton prints were often washed several times before being made up into garments; Anglo-American fashion found the prints "improved" with washing, perhaps because of the same lightening and brightening effect noted on these cottons. If washed and dried on warm settings, shrinkage is minimal.

At present, I am purchasing fabrics that are already available on the market in India. This means I don't have complete control of what I get. For example, while nearly all of the prints are hand-blocked, some were commercially printed; and while many appear to be done with vegetable dyes, synthetic dyes have also been used.

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